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 Al Hadi School Spelling Bee's contest 2013











Pictures from 2011-2012 school year (below):

8th Grade Disecting a Rabbit, "What's up Doc..."

4th Grade Science project, Plants.

5th Grade Science Project Combining elements (Pizza Making)

Frog Disecting....

Nadin and Mona Science CELL Project A+

Fatima and Salam Science CELL Project

Rana and Mariam Science CELL Project

Wala and Narges Science CELL Project

Hala and Diana (Daino) Science Project A+

Wala and Mariam Science Project A+

Mohamad Ayoub.... watering his plants

Pre-K 2 Eid Party

Pre-K 2 Eid Party

7th Grade Disecting a frog

6th Grade Disecting a frog

Pictures from 2010-2011 school year (below):

5th and 7th Grade Disecting a frog

4th and 6th Grade Disecting a frog

The winners of Al-Hadi School Spelling Bee Contest

1st Grade

1st place - Haidar Ali Saleh
2nd place - Abbass Ali Ghacham
3rd place - Hassan Ali Tehfi
2nd Grade

1st place - Maha Ali Ghacham
2nd place - Mariam Hassan Mannaa
3rd place - Razan Zaher Musleh
3rd Grade

1st place - Hassan Mazen Saleh
2nd place - Jamil Mohamad Saab
3rd place - Bassem Maan Harb
4th Grade

1st place - Manefe Saab
2nd place - Diana Farhat
3rd place - Ahmed Galal Salem
5th Grade

1st place - Aliyah Mirza
2nd place - Ali Moussa Saleh
3rd place - Moussa El Reda
6th Grade

1st place - Nadene  Ghacham
2nd place - Ahmad Ali Ghacham
3rd place - Sumaiya Mithani
7th & 8th Grade

1st place - Lama  Ghacham
2nd place - Wiaam Ghacham
3rd place - Hassan Ali Saab

                                                           Al Hadi School 4th & 5th Grade Science Projects

                                  Al Hadi School Pre-K Project, Teacher Ruwaida

                                        Al Hadi School 2nd Grade Science Project

                                Al Hadi School Gene Autry Museum Trip

Here is some of Al Hadi school bright students, who worked hard on their science project and recieved an A+ Grade.